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Brian's Lawn Care now offers an Organic based lawn care program. The Organic based plan significantly reduces the amount of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals used which is more environmentally friendly. The plan is a safe alternative for pets and family members with sensitivities. Most of the fertilizers used consist of natural and organic materials (bone meal, blood meal, feather meal, chicken manure, etc.) and essential microbes and minerals. This plan will increase nutrient absorption, stress tolerance, soil health and root development.

The Organic Plan (Five applications)

Crabgrass pre-emergent w/granular fertilize 10-0-3

Liquid weed control/ crabgrass pre-emergent/LTO 4-0-2

10-3-2 granular fertilize/ Spot treat for weeds

10-3-2 granular fertilize/ Spot treat for weeds

21-3-7 UFLEXX granular fertilize

Save 5% off your lawn care plan if you pre pay for service in advance. Choose from our Organic based, Premium, Master, Standard, or Basic Plan. Lawn care applications start out at $42.00 per visit.

Save 5% on mowing services if you pre pay in advance for the year. Any additional money leftover will be refunded at end of the year. Mowing services start out at $32.00 per visit.

Refer-a-Friend plan. Refer a friend to our lawn care program and receive 15% off your next application if they sign up for a minimum of four applications.

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