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Terms of service

Mowing Terms

Scheduling and Delays​

Brian's Lawn Care will begin the mowing season as a weekly service in a timely fashion on a regular schedule. Once the growth of the grass begins to slow (usually in July) we will begin mowing on an as needed basis. We service our customers on a seven day rotation. Customers are grouped together based on geographical location. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise that may delay your weekly service (i.e. - adverse weather conditions, equipment malfunctions, illness, etc.). When we miss a day, for any reason, we pick up where we left off. If we miss a day earlier in the week, then we may be late getting to your lawn. We do schedule make up days every week, so please be patient. Please understand that we cannot and do not mow in the rain. 

Pet Owners/Gates with locks

If you have pets please please put them inside when we arrive to mow. If you can't be there during your scheduled service days, try to leave your pal inside. Your animal might be a great pet, but all the noise and chaos from the lawn machines may upset or stress your pet, which in turn may lead to an attack. If we arrive and your pet is out, your lawn will be skipped until next time. If this happens frequently, this may cause cancellation of services.

If you have a gate(s) with locks, please unlock or leave a key behind so that we may have access to your lawn. If we arrive and the gates are locked or no key is left behind, we will skip your lawn until the next time. If this happens frequently, this may cause cancellation of services.


We understand that occasional call-offs happen. However, Brian's Lawn Care is a weekly service, and excessive call offs (more than 3 per season) may cause cancellation of service. Also, if you are having work done to your house or in your yard that will interfere with your lawn service, please notify us ahead of time via email, text or voicemail.

Dry Season

During the hot summer months, some lawns will dry up and stop growing. During this period, Brian's Lawn Care will do its best to determine whether or not your lawn needs mowing. If your lawn has not grown and/or is very dry, we have no problem skipping that week. Sometimes this is a borderline decision and with over 85 customers per week, it is often difficult to guess each customer's preference. 

Lawn Care Terms


Brian's Lawn Care will begin lawn applications at the middle to end of February (weather permitting). Liquid applications will not be done in heavy rains or windstorms. We will perform each application on time with information left behind letting you know when we were there and what to expect from the application. Before we begin any application, the customer must have there lawn care plan chosen for the year. This will eliminate any confusion between Brian's Lawn Care and the customer. Below is the schedule of the lawn care applications.

App #1 Feb-April, App #2 March-May, App #3 May-July, App #4 July-Sept, App #5 August-Oct, App #6 Oct-Dec, Ala Cartes will be applied in between regular applications.

Pet Owners

Pet safety is a huge concern for Brian's Lawn Care, so if you have a pet please let us know so we can add you on the call ahead list. A call will be made the day before to remind you to have your pet inside in the event you are not there. All lawn care applications are pet safe.

Gates/Entrances Locks

If you have locks on any entrances to your lawn please let us know so that we can add you on the call ahead list. A call will be made the day before to remind you to unlock entry's into your lawn.  

Service Calls

Brian's Lawn Care offers three free service calls per year in the event the customer see's a problem in there lawn (weed's, brown spot's, etc.). A $35.00 charge will incur for any service calls past three.

Billing and Payment

Brian's Lawn Care accepts cash, checks and credit cards for payment. Brian's Lawn Care will bill you monthly via statement. All payments are due at the end of the month. Accounts not paid by then will be assessed a late charge of 5% of the total invoice. Accounts that are not paid by the end of the month will be suspended until payment in full is received. 

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